Copyright 2009: Ruchlaw Bed & Breakfast, East London
East London, one of South Africa’s unsung
treasures, is located on the Eastern Cape
coast line.
This beautiful city is the gateway to the Wild
Coast to its east and the sunshine coast to
the west. It also boasts more estuaries than
any other city in the world. On a stretch of
68 kilometers are ten estuaries.
With its temperate climate and exceptional
coastline, its golden sandy beaches –
combined with its rich cultural history and
abundant natural resources – it is ideally
suited to tourism.
To mention but a few of our attractions.

- Whales & dolphins at play

- The best surfing waves

- Splendid beaches

- Numerous game reserves

- 200,000 year old footprints of homosapiens
at Bats Cave

- The world's only dodo egg and an ancient
dinosaur fish, the Coelacanth (which was
caught off our coast) are both exhibited at
our first class museum.

- World class sporting facilities including an
18 hole golf course which is held in high
esteem & considered one of the country's
finest, with its majestic view of the ocean (3
minutes drive).
P.S. Don't forget to sample East London's
famous milkshake from the Friesland which is
just around the corner from us.
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